The classic chic

A touch of authenticity in your home.
Recognizable for its classic and chic design, the Chesterfield is timeless and irreplaceable. 
Leather, marble, brass and 24k gold, natural materials worked by hand for a precious and luxurious finish. All features of the new classics for an elegant and refined interior.

The Contemporaries

Pure lines and noble materials for an interior in the spirit of the age.
Comfort and aesthetics. The combination of brass, copper and oak wood reveals a graceful harmony. The minimalist mirror coffee table and the beautiful finish of the fold-free sofa create a lightness and freshness to the ensemble. A warm atmosphere for a chic interior in all its splendour.

The Art Deco

A very Gatsby the magnificent ambience. 

Emblem of the Roaring Twenties, this style of decoration is synonymous with elegant luxury. The use of rich materials such as gilding, the presence of geometric patterns and the softness of velvet characterize this French style. Very trendy, it creates a festive, glamorous and chic atmosphere.